A. PAYMENT SCHEME - the Client pays full placement fee according to required duration of the placement in advance. The Client
is invoiced according to the Fee Table below after client confirmed acceptance of candidate which can be in written/verbally
The invoice must be paid in full by the Client within 7 days before the arrival of candidate. If the Client fails to pay the
placement fee, All stars Agency reserves the right to charge a surcharge of 3% per week until the invoice and further
surcharges are cleared in full
AUPAIR/MOTHERS HELP 1-3 MONTHS (summer placements only) 1-6 MONTHS 6-12 MONTHS
Female/male 95 250 399*
Couple 220 395 595*

All fees are subject to a minimum charge of 100
These fees are NOT subject to VAT
Note: No replacement applies for the short term Au-pairs (1-3 months)
All stars Agency has to be notified by the Client in writing at least 7 days before candidate is due to be dismissed from the
family and the candidate must be given 14 days notice if any replacement is required (for immediate dismissal see below)
B. REGULAR PAYMENT SCHEME - Pre-search fee of 19.99 (49.99 per couple) is payable by the Client after sending completed
Family Application Form. This fee is paid only once and is non refundable

All fees are subject to a minimum charge of 100 administrative charge
           There has been a short term Au-pair placed with the Client      (1-3 months)
Fails to fulfil any of the Terms and Conditions in this Contract
The Candidate leaves due to unreasonable conditions such as physical or verbal abuse and other conditions mentioned in
                                                                                                         T & C
Note: All stars Agency reserves a right to decide in every individual case what are and what are not unreasonable conditions and
further more whether the Client's family will be entitled to a new replacement or not

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