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We are available 24/7 on emails & sms, Phone M-F 9am - 6pm & Saturdays
Terms & Conditions - Families
(1) These terms and conditions of business are between All stars Au-Pair & Mothers Help Agency (hereinafter called the Agency) and the
Client. The Agency will only undertake business on the terms and conditions contained herein. No variation of the terms will be valid unless
confirmed in writing by the Agency. The Client shall be the person who has signed the agreement on the application form.
(2) The Agency acts as agents for the purpose of effecting introductions between Clients and Au-pairs / Mothers help and the fees to the
Agency are for introduction only. The Agency cannot be held responsible should the Au-pair/ Mothers help stay for a shorter time than that
agreed with the Client.
(3) Although the Agency takes every care to check the applicant's details, the Client is strongly advised to satisfy himself/herself as to the
suitability of the applicant.
(4) The Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the Agency's introduction or provision of services or
from any acts, omissions or conduct of staff introduced by the Agency.
(5) The request by the Client to the Agency to supply details of an applicant will be deemed to be acceptance of the Agency's terms and
(6) If the applicant fails to arrive, or leaves within the first 14 days, the Agency will offer a substitute within 14 working days of being notified
in writing. If no replacement is available after this period, the fee will be refunded less £100 administration charges. If the Client decides,
FOR WHATEVER REASON, not to accept the replacement no refund shall be due to the Client. No refund is available if the Client finds an
applicant from another source before the expiry of the aforesaid 14 working days. Refunds will only be made provided the Client notifies
the Agency IN WRITING WITHIN 5 DAYS of termination of employment and the Agency's invoice has been paid in full within 7 days of the
invoice date.
(7) All applicants are entitled to two week's notice of termination of employment. Failure to comply with this condition results in automatic
loss of right to replacement or credit for future candidate. However, in the event of serious misconduct by the Au-pair/ Mothers help or the
host family (Client), either party shall be entitled to terminate the engagement immediately. If the Au-pair/ Mothers help departure is as a
result of misconduct on the part of the Client the Agency has no obligation to replace the candidate or offer any credit.
(8) Au-pairs must be paid a minimum of £80 per week and an Mothers help a minimum of £100 per week.
(9) If the Client directly or indirectly introduces an applicant to any other family or employer the Client will be liable for the full fees should
the applicant be engaged.
(10) If the Client decides not to accept the applicant after an invoice has been raised no credit will be made. Once a Client has accepted
an applicant and an invoice has been raised following this acceptance, the Client is liable to pay the full amount stated on the invoice.
(11) In all cases if a substitute is offered by the Agency and refused by the Client no credit is due.
(12) The Client must pay the applicable placement fee on acceptance of the applicant. If the fee is not received within 7 days, an additional
fee of £50 will be added to the placement fee. Cheques should be made payable to 'All stars Agency'.
(13) Although every effort is made to ensure that any information given to a Client is correct, the Agency cannot be held responsible for any
incorrect information.
(14) Submission of an application form to the the Agency constitutes agreement to the above terms and conditions.
(15) NO REPLACEMENT OR CREDIT will be provided if the following has taken place:
If the introduction fee has not been paid
a. On short term placements (less than 3 months)
b. If the applicant complains of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by you, your family, or acquaintances
c. If you restrict access or, stop the applicant using any amenities that he/she is entitled to use or if you withhold any weekly money If an
applicant is asked to leave/ or they have been asked to do extra duties not stated in the application or not paid extra for.
d. You must also agree to give the applicant a minimum of 2 week's notice as and when such a time arises that contract has to end, and
likewise the au pair/mother's help will also have to give a minimum 2 week's notice to you as a family.
e. If the Applicant has not been given a proper routine and had the chance to get used to the routine.
f. If the Applicant has not been given any professional driving lessons if you wish them to drive.
16. Occasionally, for personal reasons outside the agency’s control, the Au Pair/Mothers help may not stay for the intended time. In this
instance a replacement will be offered, to be selected from the agency’s files. However the following replacement criteria will apply:
  • For 6 Months Registration: A maximum of one free replacement will be provided.
  • For 12 Months Registration: A maximum of two free replacements will be provided
Outside these conditions a new fee will be due though in special circumstances a discount may be given at the agency’s discretion.
Replacements can only be given if the original placement fee has been paid in full
17. If a placement is extended, the Agency will recalculate the amount due and issue a revised invoice so that the appropriate fee can be
charged, the revised introduction will become due and payable within 7 working days of the date of invoice.
If the candidate leaves an existing client she cannot be re employed by the same client or family for a minimum of 2 years. If the candidate
is re employed by the family, the family will be liable to pay the agency fees for the duration the candidate is required.

18. If family has a travel plan with or without the candidate, family has to inform the agency in written and candidates are not allowed to
take the host family children on holiday independently outside the United Kingdom. And if candidates will be home alone the host family
has to inform the Agency in writing.
19. If the host mother is will be pregnant on day one of candidate joining the family, it is importance you inform the candidate/Agency.
20. All stars Agency is a UK based Aupair & Mothers Help Agency and we bring in 90% of our candidates directly from their home Country
into the UK through our partner agency across the Europe, we will always try our best for all Placement to go well, this is our pledge to
But if it doesn’t, we will try to find a favourable solution which might require your patience & understanding, during such time we would
want you to please remember that all candidates are Human.

According to our resent research & feedback 83% of our customers are referral clients & repeat clients. We value & appreciate your
custom so much; however we will not entertain any form of abuse/insult/rudeness of any sort over the phone/email or sms.
We will try to explain the situation as best as possible and find a solution within the appropriate time frame but if family/client continues to
be rude/sends abusive messages we will be forced to end the our contract with the family  and no refund will be giving.

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We are available 24/7 on emails & sms, Phone M-F 9am - 6pm  & Saturdays Friendly,Professional,Reliable and Affordable Agency We place Au pairs & Mothers helps all over United Kingdom Select flexible childcare option you can afford With partners across the Europe we always have poll of candidates to choose from
We are available 24/7 on emails & sms, Phone M-F 9am - 6pm & Saturdays