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I on behalf of my family hereby recommend the services of the All Stars Agency for the provision of au pairs, nannies, mother-help and any
other kind of domestic service.

They are honest, children centered care provider who will guide you from the process of selection through to a successful placement of your
choice au-pair or mothers help. You as a client are provided with daily updates, your queries and concerns are addressed as soon as they

As a family, we do not hesitate to recommend the All Stars Agency, as they provide a very clear and transparent recruitment service, making
the children the focus of the placement and take your wishes into consideration. Their applicants are well vetted and the process of
recruitment is made as painless and quickly as possible.

Mrs. B.O Middlesex

I have been a client to All Stars Agency for about 3years now, prior to using All stars Agency I have had many stories about au-pairs and
Agencies. But 'Mo has really swept me off my feet, she is always available on her mobile 24/7 also very quick to response to email. I must
say she is very professional and in getting us a suitable au-pair she took it personal like she is seeking an au-pair for her children, it shows
that she is a mother and understand the importance of child care for working mums.

Any day any time All stars Agency is the best among the lot.

Pastor B. Southgate

I have been using the service of All stars Agency for 2 years now, have never been disappointed.Their team is very efficient, they were able to
get me a lovely Au pair within one week, and the au-pair fits well into our life style and work commitment. The first au-pair stayed for
12months, Maria is our second and is still with us, it’s her 14months and we are still counting.

My family and I highly recommend All stars Agency without any reservation.

Dr U B Luton

We are available 24/7 on emails & sms, Phone M-F 9am - 6pm  & Saturdays Friendly,Professional,Reliable and Affordable Agency We place Au pairs & Mothers helps all over United Kingdom Select flexible childcare option you can afford With partners across the Europe we always have poll of candidates to choose from
We are available 24/7 on emails & sms, Phone M-F 9am - 6pm & Saturdays